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VI Festiwal Tradycji Dolnego Śląska Wrocław 2013

The Wrocław Opera – 6th Festiwal Tradycji Dolnego Śląska (2013)


     Polish Music Group, MOKOSZA, was created with the dreams of its leader, Piotr Leroch, and his love of Poland, Polish folklore and Slavic culture.


Piotr Leroch

    Piotr Leroch is a professional contrabassist and conductor. He completed his learning stages of music education and worked for 14-years as a musician and contrabassist for the symphony orchestra. This is why our music, which is entirely developed by Piotr Leroch, sounds more like classical music than folk music, which MOKOSZA tries to avoid.


      The band was founded in September, 2009. Since that time we have played many concerts. From the very beginning we have been closely related to the Municipal Cultural Centre in Kąty Wrocławskie.


      The band currently consists of 15 people : six instrumentalists and nine singers singing in a choir (two voices). We are proud that the majority of our members are very young people and the average age of a band member is just 20-years old.