Siechnice 2013

Siechnice 2013



       We use a  rich array of instruments: a flute, violin, double bass, lute, cimbalom, accordion and different types of percussion. We select the instruments in such a way that the audience  hears the real sound of Polish folk music, and even though we use modern instruments it should be remembered that their previous forms were used by our ancestors.

      The violin constitutes an excellent example, since its folk equivalents are the gęśle (gusle), the fidel płocki, oktawki or suka bilgorajska. The violin we own was made by one of the leading Polish luthiers Marcin Czternastka in 1926.

      The cimbalom has also been used in folk music for centuries. It used to be very popular but now it’s only known as a folk instrument. The cimbalom is made of a large, trapezoidal box with metal strings stretched across its top. It is a concert hammered dulcimer, which is a type of chordophone. The cimbalom is played by striking two beaters against the strings. We use  a modern version of a cimbalom – custom-made by Artur Jachimowicz in 2012.

       There is also a lute used in MOKOSZA. It is a plucked string instrument. The lute was brought to Europe in the Early Middle Ages from Arab countries. It became very popular as an accompanying as well as solo instrument.  From the mid-17th century it’s functioned mainly as an accompanying instrument but later its place was taken by a mandolin and guitar. Nowadays, it is used to play mostly early music. In our band, the lute is used as a harmonic instrument but it must be admitted that it gives a lot of charm to the sound.